Things To Do


Antigua has some of the best spots for a quality snorkeling experience, perfect for observing underwater life. The island is almost completely surrounded by well-preserved coral reefs, walls, and shipwrecks. The southern and eastern coasts of Antigua are surrounded by shelfs, providing excellent conditions for spectacular shallow diving and snorkeling. With water temperatures averaging about 80 F (25 C), and underwater visibility ranging from 50 to 140 feet, making it easy to spot tropical marine plants and animals in abundance.

Boat Tours

Antigua has numerous boat tours and cruises aboard a number of catamarans. Circumnavigate our beautiful island, where you can do activities such as sight seeing, snorkeling and swimming. All tours provide lunch and drinks with your experience. Some tours take you to our neighboring islands, including our sister isle, Barbuda and the Emerald isle, Monserrat.

Land Tours

Don't feel like being on the water during your stay? Stay on land and discover Antigua's rich history with an island tour. Go on a 4x4 off road excursion through lush areas, as well as rugged terrain. Get ready to take lots of pictures as your tour guide takes you to some of the most breath taking locations on the island.

Art Galleries

If you're a lover of Art, Antigua has a very active art community, featuring very talented artist. The island has numerous art galleries located throughout the island, displaying great art from local talent. From vibrant paintings and creative pottery pieces, to abstract photography and even film making.


The island has numerous affordable rental companies for you to choose from. If you're looking for a regular sedan, suv, jeep or even a luxury rental, they are all competitively priced so you have various options to choose from.

Water Sports

Come and explore some of the awesome water sports and activities the island has to offer. From diving or snorkeling on one of the boat excursions, windsurfing on the cool Caribbean breeze or kayaking in one of our calm bays. We're sure you'll find an activity that you will enjoy!